Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Crowns are also called “Caps”. It is like a covering to the existing tooth. Crowns are generally used to protect the structure of the broken or a cracked tooth. It restores the natural appearance of the tooth. Crowning and bridging is a great option when a notable amount of tooth is lost due to decay or any injury. Crowning and bridging helps you restore your smile allowing your teeth to function naturally.

Requirement for Crowning:

  • Natural appearance
  • Best fitting
  • Better speech and chewing
  • Smile makeover
  • Non allergic

Procedure for Crowning involves:

  • First your tooth will be shaped to fit in the new covering
  • Once the tooth is prepared, it is under observance of highly skilled technician who creates the crown
  • The procedure of creating crown takes about a week time and a temporary crown is attached to your tooth to protect it
  • The permanent crown will be cemented with your teeth in your next visit

Types of Crowns and Bridges
1. All Metal
2. Porcelain fused to metal
3. All Ceramic
4. Gold alloy crowns

Benefits of Crown and Bridge Treatment

  • Stronger teeth
  • Painless teeth
  • Improved chewing
  • Durability
  • Restoration of your natural look

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