Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is a common treatment for cosmetic purposes. This process involves removal of stains and brightening your natural teeth. The consumption of tea, coffee, wine, tobacco and many other factors causing natural ageing of teeth darken the teeth or stain them. The discoloration of teeth can be removed by bleaching and once the bleaching is done the teeth are covered with a special rubber compound to protect the bleach layer.
Requirement for teeth whitening
Almost anyone who has darkened the shade of their teeth can go for teeth whitening. It is always beneficial only. A Teeth whitening can be a good choice for you if you consume excessive amounts of tea, coffee, tobacco, Alcohol and some eating habits can also cause dark and yellow teeth. These stains occur on the inner and outermost layer of your teeth, damaging your natural smile.

Procedure for Teeth whitening

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gel Teeth Whitening: In this process, the dentist applies a gel that contains 15% to 25% of hydrogen peroxide that acts as a bleaching agent. Firstly they place the retractor inside the mouth to expose the teeth. To prevent the gums from irritation hardening resin is applied.Then the whitening gel is activated by low heat and ultraviolet blue light. The bleaching gel is removed after 20 mins and then whitening gel is removed and then checked and then reapplied. This process is continued for 2 more times and after that the retractor is removed.
  • Deep bleaching: The process of in-house and at office procedure of teeth whitening is deep bleaching. In this process of teeth whitening, the process of applying hydrogen peroxide is followed as a teeth whitening solution. There are custom trays to fit the individual teeth.the trays need to be continued till the second visit to reach the desired shade of the teeth. This process is followed for the ones who have more stained teeth.
  • Laser whitening: It is the most expensive as well as fastest teeth whitening process. In this process, just like the other processes a bleaching agent is applied and a laser is used in replacement of the ultraviolet light. The accurate amount of laser works on the bleaching agent for 30 second each and completes the process of teeth whitening in 30 mins.

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