Implants with Bone Grafts

Implants with Bone Grafts

What is bone graft?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone with material from the patient′s own body,an artificial, synthetic or natural substitute.

How does it help?

Bone grafts are used as a filler and scaffold to facilitate bone formation and promote wound healing.These grafts are bioresorbable and have no antigen-antibody reaction. These bone grafts act as a mineral reservoir which induces new bone formation.

Cases where it is done?

Where Ridge defects develop as a result of surgery, trauma, infection, or congenital malformations. The goal of osseous replacement is maintenance of contour, elimination of dead space, and reduce postoperative infection; and thus enhance bony and soft tissue healing.


  • The most common use of bone grafting is in application of dental implants, so as to revive edentulous area of a missing tooth. In general, bone grafts are either used in blocks (such as from the chin or ascending ramus area of the lower jaw) or particulated, in order to be able to adapt it better to a defect. The grafted, vascularized fibula are wont to restore skeletal integrity to long bones of limbs during which congenital bone defects exist and to exchange segments of bone after trauma or malignant tumor invasion. The periosteum and arteria nutricia are generally removed with a bit of bone in order that the graft will remain alive and grow when transplanted into the new host site. Once the transplanted bone is secured into its new location, it generally restores blood supply to the bone on which it's been attached
  • Besides the foremost use of bone grafting in dental implants, this procedure is used to fuse joints to prevent movement, repair broken bones that have bone loss, and repair broken bone that has not yet healed.

How painful is a bone graft?
Most patients who receive bone grafts are completely pain-free and do just fine as long as they take the antibiotics at Hyderabad smiles. Dentists also wait for the bone graft to fuse with the natural bones that are placed in your mouth.

What are bone grafts made of?
Majority of bone grafts available involve ceramics, either alone or together with another material (e.g., calcium sulphate , bioactive glass, and calcium phosphate).

How long after bone graft can I eat?
It is best to wait until after the local anesthetic has completely worn off before beginning to eat. It's understandable that your food intake will be limited for the first few days after your procedure. Start with plenty of fluids (juice, milk, water) during the first 24 hours.

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